Sprite Editor

Last updated: Feb. 6, 2021, 12:49 p.m.

Turn spritesheets into game-ready animations!

This is a tool I developed to convert spritesheets (ripped from video games) into animations you can use in your games. The tool uses computer vision algorithms to isolate individual frames from spritesheets you download from game fan sites. You then select frames to add to an animation.

It doesn't stop there.

Then, you can select an isolated segment of one of the frames (one that you can see is common to all the frames), and then click "Align Frames". The system will then use your segment to align the frames, so they animate nice and smoothly, without any jumping around that makes your game look bad.

But there's more! You can also set the duration of individual frames on the timeline view. This can allow you to prolong certain gestures within the animation, for dramatic effects. When you're done, you can then export your animations to a set of film-strip png files, along with an XML master file that contains the description of each of your animations you've created. You can then load them into your game as you like!

Latest Version: 1.0


The Interface
Version 1.0

We're ready to animate!

Loading the spritesheet
Version 1.0

We've isolated the individual frames. See the rectangles?

Grab the frames
Version 1.0

You use the right mouse button

Editing the sprite
Version 1.0

See how the sprite is chopped off at the foot?

Resize it!
Version 1.0

The anchors are there if you hold the shift button

Version 1.0

We select a portion of the foot as a template

Edit the frames
Version 1.0

The timeline allows you to set the duration of each frame.

All Versions

Feb. 6, 2021, 12:53 p.m.

Full version online! Features:

  • Isolate individual frames from a spritesheet
  • Create multiple animations from the same spritesheet
  • Simple alignment interface, whereby a small segment of a frame is used to align all the frames in an animation
  • Timeline view, to set the duration of individual frames
  • Export to bitmaps and XML control files for importing into your game.

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