The Sci-Fi Fantasy Epic

A deepening crisis aboard a deep-space colonisation vessel has forced most of its crew to evacuate to the nearest planet. During the evacuation, a ship carrying three young friends to safety malfunctions and strands them in interstellar space.
It's not long before the Ranegr - a drifting ship of outlaws - captures their derelict vessel.
Put to work in the reactor core amidst hardened brutes by a captain with conquest on his mind, and stalked by bizarre creatures in the shadows, the children's bid to escape and return home is just one thread in a web of ambition and clashing desires, bringing them ever nearer to an ancient mystery lurking in the cosmos.
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Praise for this awesome story

This book is one of the most creative tales I’ve ever read, the beginning to a series I believe could grow to be its own being, akin to Star Wars, but with a definitive and strong flair towards characters with huge depth and a love for the small details that make it stand out all on its own ... When I look up to the stars tonight, I think I might just see the Ranegr, flying above me.

... I have to say its quite imaginative and adventurous. I found the world building to be interesting, alien protagonists creative as well as their own language - brought back memories of lord of the rings elvish language.

... a great first Sci-fi book to read. It included a good amount of romance, action and just overall fun.

Mr Cooper, it has to be said, excels beyond all other things at depicting the cultural, material and technological aspects of science fiction, from space-faring and technology down to xenomythology and language-related topics; his book outshines in this respect even such superb works as David Brin's Uplift Universe ...

About Me

When I was a kid, Commander Keen was my favourite game. And it was awesome!

Unfortunately, I only had one game in the series, and my parents weren't... keen... to send their credit card details over the phone to a company overseas. This was well before Internet, mind you. So I couldn't get the rest of the games, even though I really wanted them.

Instead, I started designing my own games and stories on a magnadoodle. That's how I developed my love of storytelling.

Then, when I was in year five, my teacher read to me the Chinese creation myth. That triggered a spark in my mind, which over the years transformed into an invented world, with its own mythology, languages, and history.