Path of a Hero


Two months ago, Nathan Grant was thrown into the world of Alchemic Warriors and the flesh-eating Homunculi they hunt. His mentor, Astrid Rachelle, left him to go back to his life with his friends and sister... who think he's the Starlight Lancer, defending the town from evildoers. Thanks to that constant reminder, he can't shake the traumatic memories of his encounter with the wretched Homunculi. Then Astrid comes back into his life with a new mission: find and destroy the League of Extraordinary Elects, a Homunculus society with a plot to annihilate all of humanity. Now Nathan has to make a choice: relinquish the Arms Alchemy, and risk a catastrophic enemy victory... Or abandon his normal life, follow the Path of a Hero, and truly become the Starlight Lancer.

WARNING: Contains strong themes, sexual references, coarse language, and violence

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Brittney Johns

Just like the first two books in this series, this one captured my attention right at the beginning. Packed full of action, adventure, romance and so many emotions. This book looks deeper into each character and brings them to life once again in a whole new way. The way the author illustrates each fight makes you feel like you’re in the action yourself. There is never a dull moment when reading about the hero’s and their epic triumphs. I loved being able to fall in love with and feel for these characters all over again, and some new ones too. I can’t wait to continue this adventure with Nathan and Astrid and see what other epic adventures the hero’s find themselves in.

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